11 Must Follow Vegetarian Meal Prep Instagram Accounts

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25% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are vegetarian according to The Economist.1

This means that Millenials are ruling the vegetarian scene, and with the prevalence of social media today, the vegetarian community is growing rapidly. As people continue to share their vegetarian recipes, cooking tips, and praise for this lifestyle choice, the vegetarian diet continues to become more and more popular.  

Although many people can’t imagine eating tasty meals without meat, there is an entire world of yummy and easy-to-make food options out there that don’t require any meat at all. Instagram happens to be one of the best places to go to learn about how to prepare these vegetarian and vegan meals. After all, there are hundreds of accounts that post regularly on vegan/vegetarian recipes and cooking. 

Here you can find 11 of the best vegetarian meal prep Instagram accounts. Many of course, focus on strictly vegan recipes as well!

Life of a Vegetarian


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This might just be one of the best vegetarian meal prep accounts on Instagram. 

Renae King Westley of @lifeofavegetarian posts some of the most simple yet delicious vegetarian AND vegan recipes. Her Instagram feed is truly a work of art.

While Westley also maintains a YouTube channel with instructional videos on how to make her meal prep recipes, her talents don’t stop there. This Instagram account turned Renae into an author in 2016! Her book compiles all of the tips and recipes that she’s posted on Instagram for her followers – now in paperback.

Take one look at this account and you’ll see why it’s the place to be for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Vegan Reset


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If you’re looking for a helping hand to get you onto the vegan or vegetarian train, Kim Julie Hansen of @veganreset is the one to talk to!

Vibrant and fresh foods fill Hansen’s Instagram feed. She posts her meal prep for the week, her grocery haul and recipes that she makes. You can also subscribe to her weekly newsletter or check out her blog through the link in her bio. 

This account has everything you need to “reset” your diet to all-things vegan!

Nicole Osinga RD


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Canadian registered dietician Nicole Osinga gives @lifeofavegetarian a run for her money when it comes to meal prep. This entire account is all plant-based meal prep ideas!

Don’t be confused – plant-based can be used interchangeably with vegetarian (but not always vegan) as long as that plant-based diet is followed strictly. That’s what you’ll find on Osinga’s Instagram! From planning out four whole meals a day to quick and easy snacks, this account does it all.

Osinga also offers nutrition counseling and works with her clients to establish individual meal plans. But if you’re just looking for some mouth-watering inspiration, @nicoleosinga_rd has got you covered. 

For more plant-based content from Osinga, check out her blog in her Instagram bio!

Packed Plants 


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Sarah Noonan keeps it real and raw with her “No BS” vegan meal prep.

The @packedplants feed has everything you need to adhere to a strictly vegan diet. Noonan’s account is so easy to follow and if you see something you like, she’s got the description for it in her caption. She’s got stories filled with grocery hauls, product recommendations and even facts and feedback about the #veganlife. 

Zenq Vegan


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Looking for a quick recipe to keep you full for the week? @zenqvegan has everything you need. 

This is another great account that reposts content from the original vegetarian and vegan chefs themselves. Tons of the posts have the recipes listed right below and are super easy to follow! 

Love and Lemons


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@loveandlemons was created by food blogger Jeanine Donofrio, who shares her amazing tasting plant-based recipes. Jeanine discloses that she is not entirely vegetarian but most of the recipes she shares are.

Since Jeanine started her blog she has been featured in numerous food magazines and is praised for her cookbook “The Love and Lemons Cookbook”.

On her Instagram, Jeanine regularly shares recipes she makes. Each recipe you can find on her blog where she shares exactly how to make them.

Sprouted Kitchen


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Created by Sara Forte, @sproutedkitchen posts almost entirely vegetarian recipes.

Sara Forte is big on making tasty recipes from whole foods. Most of the recipes she posts about are Mediterranean style cooking incorporating whole grains and healthy fats without any added sugar… in most recipes that is.

Whenever Sara makes a picture-worthy dish for her or her family she will often upload it to her Instagram account for her thousands of followers to benefit from.

Squirrel of Nom


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I know what you’re thinking. What do squirrels have to do with veganism? To answer your question, I have no idea. But Elaine “Insa” Marley sure does. She claims that she and squirrels have two things in common: red hair and they like to stock up on food!

In 2014, Marley went full-on vegan after being a vegetarian for two years. She is a perfect example of how someone who grew up on a conventional diet can go transition to veganism and thrive from it!

Marley speaks both German and English giving her a wide range of vegan viewers to reach. However, no matter your language, @squirrelofnom is a must-see.

OKC Veggie


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Emily, the creator of the vegetarian account @okcveggie, finds vegetarianism everywhere she goes.

While her meal prep ideas are super solid, my favorite part about this account is the Instagram stories. Emily takes pictures of her vegetarian finds in her travels and shares them with her followers. 

Even though you may not have the time to head over to Chicago for some vegetarian mushroom tamales and chilaquiles at The Delta, who’s to say you can’t take that as meal prep inspiration for yourself?

The Planted One 


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Meghan Telpner, the creator of @theplantedone is a culinary nutrition expert who is big on vegetarian food prep.

You can find many of her recipes on her blog and she regularly posts about them on her Instagram account. Not only are her Instagram posts pictures of incredibly healthy vegetarian food but they are beautiful pictures as well. Something about colorful vegetables against a white marble counter makes for stunning pictures.

Additionally, Meghan often posts the ingredients and the recipes in the Instagram posts for you to try for yourself.

Real and Vibrant


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A post shared by Sapana Chandra, MS, CHC (@realandvibrant) on

Sapana Chandra is a meal prepper who is big on what she calls “plant power bowls” as you can probably tell by checking out her Instagram account, @realandvibrant.

Making power bowls, or bowls filled various combinations of vegetables, is an excellent way to go about meal prepping since they are easy to make and transport from place to place if need be.

Sapana often links out to the recipes posted on her blog for each beautiful food picture that she posts on Instagram.

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