Jeff Nippard Program Review: Are Jeff’s programs worth the money?

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If you are debating whether or not to purchase one of Jeff Nippard’s training programs, you have come to the right spot. Here, I clear the air and outline exactly what you can expect from his training programs.

After we get into the nitty-gritty of what Jeff’s programs are like, you will have a much better idea of whether or not you can benefit from what Jeff has to offer.  

Who am I…

Hi there!

My name is Ethan, and I have been focusing on building quality muscle through weight lifting for the past 4 years now.

When I first started out, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was really going through the motions and trying to emulate how the big guys at the gym lifted because I just assumed they knew what they were doing.

However, over the years I have definitely taken on a more methodical and educated approach to weight lifting after learning more about the techniques of bodybuilders and powerlifters. Jeff Nippard, of course, is one of these fitness professionals I have followed.

The program I purchased… and why I purchased it

I ended up purchasing Jeff Nippard’s squat specialization program.

“Why did I purchase this program in particular?”, you might ask.

Well… partly because I wanted to squat more weight and I thought this program could help me improve my squat game.

However, this is only part of the reason why I purchased the program. The main reason why I purchased this program is so that I could review it and share my thoughts.

Simply put, I have found that there are dozens of extremely popular fitness influencers on Instagram that sell programs, however, there aren’t too many people online verifying these programs or providing feedback on these programs. As a result, it’s really hard for people that are interested in these programs to tell if they are really worth the money or if these fitness influencers are trustworthy.

That being said, I took it upon myself to review some of these programs and to share whether or not I think they are worth the money. In doing so, I hope that my readers can benefit from the feedback I provide on these programs so they can make a more informed decision on whether or not to buy the program.

In this review, I will go into depth on what I thought about this specific program. Keep in mind that the material in this program is largely representative of the quality of content you can find in other programs by Jeff Nippard as well.

What is the focus of the program?

This program is designed for those who really just want to master the most important leg exercise: the squat. The main focus of the program is to inform you of exactly how you can methodically train to increase your max squat. In doing so, Jeff makes it known that muscle growth should certainly follow with this type of training.

Who is Jeff Nippard?

Jeff Nippard is a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter who is highly regarded in the fitness industry for his depth of knowledge and informative content.

Jeff has become widely popular largely through his YouTube channel where he goes into fine detail explaining all facets of bodybuilding and powerlifting. His Instagram page and podcasts are also largely responsible for his quickly growing popularity.

According to his official website and program, Jeff earned the title of Mr. Junior Canada for natural bodybuilding in 2012. He claims to have a 503 Lb squat, a 518 Lb deadlift, and a 336 Lb bench press. With Jeff’s studies of Biochemistry in conjunction with his years of methodical training, this fitness expert is an excellent resource in my opinion for anyone that wants to take their weight lifting to the next level.1

The breakdown of the program

I would say the 69-page Ebook is broken down into a few key sections.

First and foremost, Jeff explains squat anatomy, squat technique, and common technique errors. I am extremely glad that Jeff went into such depth explaining the basics of how to squat properly. As I have said before, I believe that my squat form is good, but… I say can with certainty that there I still have improvements to make. However, after reading up on Jeff’s squat form advice, I can honestly say that I am much better off. He provides excellent tips to improve your squat form that I frankly haven’t come across before.

In the squat anatomy section, Jeff goes on to explain what muscle groups are primarily responsible for the squat, as well as the secondary/stabilizer muscle groups involved with the movement. With detailed anatomy diagrams and in-depth written explanations, Jeff gets into the nitty-gritty of squat mechanics and how every muscle in the body that is engaged during the squat reacts during the movement.

In the squat technique section, Jeff goes on to explain in fine detail how to properly squat from the set up to the actual movement. Jeff breaks down the squat movement into four main parts: the unrack, brace, descend, and squat. Each part is extremely detailed and gives you a holistic picture of how to properly execute the squat.

In the common technique errors section, Jeff breaks down pretty much every common mistake people make in their squat and provides some advice on how to fix these mistakes. In reading this section, I realized that I was doing a few things wrong that I wasn’t even aware of. This section was particularly eye-opening for me.

After going into depth on basically how to squat properly, Jeff gets into the meat of the Ebook: the actual training program. In these sections, Jeff explains how to warm up, an outline of the program week for 10 weeks, and then an in-depth commentary on the program explained section.

I was taken aback by the level of detail in the warm-up section initially. I have always been the type of person to do a few minutes of cardio or just maybe two light sets before really getting into the workout. I never really took my warmups seriously and sort of just “went through the motions” as Jeff would say. However, Jeff makes it clear that this is exactly what you don’t want to do and then explains in detail exactly how you should be warming up to get your muscles ready for the meat of the workout.

The program section is comprised of 10 pages: 1 page per week in the program. Each week is broken down by days of the week with certain exercises that you should do on certain days. The number of sets, reps, rest and other notes about how to go about each exercise listed as well. There is also space for you to document your progress if you choose to print these pages out and bring them with you to the gym.

In the program explained section Jeff provides detailed commentary on how exactly why you should be doing the exercises outlined in the program and the importance of volume (number of sets you do), strength building and more. The main point of this section is to go into detail on why the program is laid out the way it is. Given that the program is highly detailed and strategically put together, it is important to understand the rationale.

In addition to these sections, there are various other sections such as sample training splits, training variables, and exercise video links. These sections can further help you implement this program.

What I liked

What I like the most about the program was how detailed and well supported the content is. Jeff not only goes into great depth explaining the program from top to bottom but he also cites his work with numerous physiology studies. In other words, Jeff isn’t just babbling about “bro-science” or fitness recommendations purely based on what he does in the gym. The recommendations are all backed by data and research.

I also really appreciate how well laid out the Ebook actually is. The Ebook is neatly formatted with very easy to follow sections outlined in the table of contents. Every part of the book is structured in an incredibly practical way that makes the content easy to digest. I find the videos he links out to at the very bottom of the Ebook particularly helpful. It is one thing to read about various exercises but its another to see them performed by a professional.

What I didn’t like

I don’t have many negative comments on the program. However, the one problem that I personally had with the program at first was how technical it was at certain parts. Various sections went deep into the technical aspects of weight lifting from a more scientific standpoint.

These sections aren’t technical to the point where I could follow what Jeff was saying. However, there were a few times where I had to reread various sections and refer to the key terms section at the beginning to fully grasp the concepts.

That being said, for me personally, there were certain parts that just took a bit more careful reading to fully understand but having done that, I feel like I am much more knowledgeable about more advanced weight lifting lingo.

Would I recommend this program (or any of Jeff Nippard’s programs for that matter)

I most certainly would recommend this program… but just not to just anyone.

Jeff clearly says on the page on his website where you can purchase the squat program that you should NOT get the program if…

  • You are dealing with a lower back or hip injury
  • You are under 18 or over 65 years of age
  • You are pregnant or about to become pregnant
  • You don’t have at least one year or regular squatting experience
  • You don’t have access to a squat rack and plates

Frankly, all though this might sound perhaps dramatic to some, I would have to agree with Jeff on this advice. This program is most certainly for advanced lifters who are in shape and already have the fundamentals of the squat down pat. If you are thinking “whatever, I have been squatting every other week for the past two months, I can handle it. I don’t need at least a year’s worth of squatting experience”, then you maybe should think again. If this is you then you really might not get much out of the program since it is certainly made for seasoned weight lifters. Even worse, without much experience, you might run the risk of seriously hurting yourself if you plan on just going for it.

However, as long as you meet the criteria listed above and you are serious about taking your leg game to the next level, I wholeheartedly think that you should go for it.

“Can I find Jeff Nippards PDF programs for free? Is there a leaked version?”

To my knowledge, you can’t find this program for free anywhere, given that the publication of these programs for free by anyone other than Jeff Nippard would be copyright infringement. 

Final words

I was never one to buy Ebooks about fitness programs.

I have always believed that any information that you can find in an Ebook published by a fitness professional or bodybuilder, you can find elsewhere on the internet. Whether it be YouTube, blogs or another platform, I think that valuable information is readily available for free.

That being said, I have no doubt that I could find all the information in Jeff’s Ebook for free elsewhere. 

However, I know for sure that I would never find this information in a nice, neatly laid out package like this Ebook. You probably can find bits and pieces of this type of content scattered across blogs, academic articles, YouTube, forums and other nooks of the internet. However, you will never find great content like this in a comprehensive package like this Ebook for free.

The point that I am trying to make is that although I am a big fan of using free content on the internet to advance my fitness career, there is something to be said for the value of paid programs. For the cost of 20 dollars, getting super good quality content from someone who certainly knows what he is talking about is a steal.

In turn, if you are serious about upping your squat game and you don’t want to scour the internet and sift through all the misleading information for the little nuggets of valuable content, I would just buy this Ebook.


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