Instagram Fitness Apparel: 5 Brand Ambassador Programs to Apply to

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Instagram and fitness apparel go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Given that Instagram is such a visual social media platform, it makes perfect sense why it is the ideal place for fitness apparel brands to advertise their clothing lines. Of course, fitness brands also love Instagram because there are thousands of fitness enthusiasts out there willing to represent these companies as brand ambassadors.

Through Instagram, people big into fitness and bodybuilding can have a side income (or even full-time income) by simply promoting the fitness brand they are affiliated with and modeling the clothing lines.

Needless to say, this is a pretty sweet gig. However, finding fitness brands that are actually willing to work with you when you don’t have millions and millions of followers can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many companies that are actively seeking brand ambassadors, even if they don’t have the largest following in the world.

Here, I have compiled a list of fitness brands on Instagram that you can directly apply to, or follow their instructions to become a brand ambassador!

Progress Gymwear

Progress Gymwear is an English company that is most certainly passionate about what it stands for. According to the company “progress” is something that everyone can relate to that is big into fitness. Anyone that has ever worked out knows how fulfilling it is to make progress to become the better version of yourself.

Part of the company’s vision is to create great quality clothing to step your game up at the gym. However, the clothing is designed to be stylish enough to look good even outside the gym.

About the Progress Gymwear ambassador program

  • 10% commission paid directly through PayPal on all orders you refer
  • 15% discount on any items you purchase from the company
  • User-friendly dashboard to track sales generated
  • Chance to get featured on official progress gym wear social media (great for getting exposure)

How to apply to the ambassador program

To apply to the ambassador program click here to fill out the application

Four athletics

Four athletics is an amazing company that has set out to create quality gym clothing at a reasonable price.

After observing how overpriced premium fitness apparel had become, this brand set out to take a different approach in selling premium fitness apparel. In order to cut costs, this company decided to use crowdfunding to match the demand of its customers. The company essentially only makes the clothing that is wanted which eliminates waste and results in a lower price for the consumer.

However, given that the clothing is made in the USA with the highest quality of materials, you can expect durable and functional clothing despite the lower price.

About the Four Athletics ambassador program

  • Unique discount code to share with followers to earn percent commission on all orders you refer
  • Deep discounts on all products (as well as discounts for family and friends when applicable)
  • Chance to become a sponsored athlete (beyond being just an affiliate)
  • Exclusive invitations to contests and special events

How to apply to the ambassador program

To apply to the ambassador program click here to fill out the application

Squat Wolf

Squat Wolf was created by two corporate professionals from Dubai. The creators claimed that they started the company because they were frustrated by how there weren’t many brands out there that were both durable enough to withstand intense workouts and stylish at the same time.

In turn, they decided to start a company that focuses on creating clothing that is both high quality and fashionable.

Furthermore, the company focuses on creating clothing that fits people with athletic builds. Given that it is often difficult for people with athletic builds to find clothing that fits their bodies, Squat Wolf decided to tailor their clothing to this demographic.

About the Squat Wolf ambassador program

Squat wolf partnered up with an app called Brandbassador to facilitate is ambassador program. With Brandbassador, you have the ability to complete “missions” in exchange for compensation. These missions are often various prompts to promote the brand or its products.

How to apply to the ambassador program

You can get started on the application process by submitting your email on this page here. From there you can register with Brandbassador and if you are approved by Squat Wolf, you can get started!

Body Engineers

Amsterdam, the Netherlands clothing company Body Engineers focuses on creating fitness clothing inspired by European fashion.

The company claims that each clothing line is designed by a team of fashion professionals and even tested by professional athletes. Not only does the company create clothing of the highest quality but it also focuses on doing so with sustainable materials such as bamboo.

As you can tell from the companies Instagram page, Body Engineers is big on promoting its content in creative ways. Unique content creation is what sets this company apart from most.

About the Body Engineers ambassador program

Body Engineers does not give too much information on the specifics of how their ambassador program is structured. However, it can be inferred that like most other ambassador programs, sponsored athletes earn a commission based on the products they sell and will likely get other perks as well.

How to apply to the ambassador program

You can get started on the application process by submitting your information on this page here! In addition, you can watch the video on this page for more tips to increase your chances of being selected.


Created in Edmond, OK, this company takes pride in staying up to date with the popular fashion trends for fitness clothing.

This company is unique in that it focuses on creating clothing with distinctive graphic design. The company claims that they “offer bold, edgy designs that make a statement”. Furthermore, the company claims that it caters to people that are involved in a wide variety of activities including CrossFit, climbing, triathlons, martial arts, and pretty much anything in between.

About RokFit’s ambassador program

  • 15% commission on orders you refer through a unique discount code which will give people 10% off their order
  • 30% off the entire collection as an ambassador
  • Free welcome package once you have qualified to be an ambassador

How to apply to the ambassador program

You can get started on the application process by taking the following steps. First, make sure your social media is public, not private. Next, post a picture of you wearing a piece of RokFit gear, tag @rokfit, and use the hashtag #rokfit so the company can find you. If the social media team likes the post, they will contact you about becoming a brand ambassador.

For more information about the ambassador program click here!

Author: Ethan Hey there. I'm the creator of Trendi Fit and since my late teens I have been passionate about bodybuilding