11 Instagram Accounts for Bodybuilding Food Prep Inspiration

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The fitness Instagram community is an excellent place to discover meal prep and recipe ideas.

It’s easy to get lost admiring the photos and videos of bodybuilders and fitness icons that we idolize. However many of us forget that we can use Instagram to improve our very own fitness game.

Given that diet and nutrition is crucial to building the body you want, using Instagram to get meal prep ideas can help to take your physique to the next level. After all, they say that muscle gains are made in the kitchen.

Here you can find the top 11 Instagram accounts for bodybuilding food prep inspiration that you can learn from today!

1. The Meal Prep Manual

If you are looking for a bodybuilding Instagram food account to follow that is big on food prep, look no further!

This account was created by Josh Cortis, an ACSM certified exercise physiologist who has a real passion for preparing balanced, wholesome meals for days to come. One unique aspect of his channel is that he frequently posts pictures of the meals he prepares with calories listed, as well as the exact amount of protein, carbs, and fats in grams. That being said, for anyone who is trying to keep track of macros, this is an excellent meal prep account to learn from. 


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2. Physique and Strength

This account posts about all sorts of fitness-related content but provides a ton of content regarding diet and nutrition specifically.

Here you can find extremely detailed posts on the nutritional breakdown of certain foods as well as great advice on which foods you probably want to avoid.  

Unlike some food accounts that might just post pictures of food or recipes, this account goes the extra mile to create creative content to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your goal might be to bulk or to cut, there is plenty of informational material on this account to help you hit your mark.

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3. How 2 Meal Prep

Claimed to be the number 1 meal prep page on Instagram, this is one of the most popular accounts for recipes and food prep tips.

Here you can find tons of information on how to prepare flavorful and healthy food with quick and easy steps. The account reposts amazing video recipes from top food blogs so that you can follow along and create these recipes for yourself. Corresponding written instructions and ingredients in the proper amounts are posted as well for your reference.

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4. Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry, the creator of Fit Men Cook, is big into cooking tons of clean and healthy food in all varieties. Post by post, Curry dispels the stereotype that men are useless in the kitchen by creating beautiful and great tasting meals!

On his Instagram account, Curry regularly posts about the amazing meals that he creates. All of these meals you can read more about on his website and even the Fit Men Cook app that he created as well. Of course Curry also regularly posts on his Instagram stories step by step clips of him making various meals so that you can follow along.

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5. Fitness Meals

With over 2.5 million followers, this account is by far one of the most popular fitness food Instagram accounts.

This account is incredibly active and regularly reposts some of the most aesthetically pleasing fitness meals from some of the top food accounts. That being said, by checking out the accounts that Fitness Meals reposts, it is easy to discover other fitness food accounts that might be interested in.

One thing that makes Fitness Meals so unique is that it reposts from a wide variety of different food accounts. From accounts big into seafood, to southern-style barbeque to Asian cuisine, Fitness Meals keeps it fun and interesting for its followers. 

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6. Vegan Bodybuilding Food

If you’re big into bodybuilding and you’re also vegan… guess what? This is just the account for you.

Vegan Bodybuilding Food was created by IFBB Pro, Nimai Delgado who subscribes to a completely vegan diet as you can probably imagine. Although Delgado doesn’t post super frequently on this account, you can get a TON of value from his account. Most of the pictures on this account list the macros as well as the ingredients in the meals. In the captions, Delgado also goes on to share additional comments on the benefits of the food as well as instructions on how to make them.  

Even if you aren’t vegan, for some healthy plant-based meals, this account is worth checking out.

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7. Keto Diet Lab

On a different note, if you aren’t about that vegan life, you might want to check out a food account that caters to a slightly different demographic.

Keto Diet Lab regularly posts pictures of amazing keto diet meals. In other words, the posts revolve around meals of mostly meat, nuts and low carb veggies.

Even if you aren’t trying to take on the keto diet, if you’re into bodybuilding you probably already know that you should be taking in high amounts of protein to put on muscle. That being said, by learning from an account that regularly posts about meats, you might feel more prepared to create high protein meals yourself.

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8. The Fitness Chef

Graeme Tomlinson, the creator of The Fitness Chef account, is a nutrition coach who shares his wealth of knowledge with the Instagram community. It’s clear that one of the main objectives of the account is to dispel common nutrition misconceptions and to educate with science-based diet advice.

The posts that he creates are often highly informative infographics. For instance in one post, Tomlinson mentions 25 different cheeses, the calories in each and the protein in each. He then goes on to provide a lengthy discussion in his caption about the cheeses and how to select cheese based on your fitness goals. Really neat stuff.

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9. Healthy Minute Meals

This accounts regularly reposts beautiful pictures and corresponding recipes of delicious fitness meals.

Many fitness food accounts post about good food recipes, but the recipes for instance might just be dainty bowls of yogurt with berries that will still leave many people hungry. Healthy Minute Meals however regularly posts about wholesome, calorie-dense recipes that often are high in protein and carbs. That being said, these recipes are perfect to follow for bulking up.

For what its worth, this account seems to always find some of the most beautiful food pictures out there. By Thumbing through Healthy Minute Meals and you surely will gain more of an appreciation for carefully crafted meals.

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10. Rub Life

If you are trying to put on some muscle and you need some meat preparation ideas, this account is certainly for you.

This account regularly reposts videos and pictures of meats being cooked on the grill or in meat smokers. After checking out just a dozen or so of these videos, you probably will learn a thing or two about how to grill your meats better.

Yes, this is sort of a bbq style account and yes, there is plenty of bbq food that isn’t healthy. However, there are certainly healthy meat recipes featured on this account that you can try yourself.

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11. The Food Prep Life

For some ideas specifically on storage and prepping healthy food for days to come, check out this account.

The Food Prep Life share posts from dozens of fitness influencers that love to meal prep themselves. After all, there is no one right way to meal prep and by learning from multiple people that have figured out food prep strategies that work well for them, you can figure out what strategies might work best for you.


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