9 Indian Bodybuilders to Follow on Instagram

Although India is well known for badminton and cricket, bodybuilding has become an extremely popular sport in India as well over the past few decades. In fact, India has been known to produce some of the world’s most accomplished bodybuilders.

Every year, dozens of Indian bodybuilders take a shot at competing for the Mr. India title, the Mister World title, as well as other well-known bodybuilding competitions. However, it was only until recently with the popularity of social media that fans could peek behind the scenes and see what it really takes for these bodybuilders to become champions. Instagram, in particular, has made it easy for people to see the training and diet regimens of the greatest bodybuilders.

Here you can check out 11 of the best Indian bodybuilders to follow on Instagram for some fitness inspiration.

1. Thakur Anoop Singh


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Thakur Anoop Singh (@thakur_anoopsingh) is by far one of the most popular Indian fitness stars on Instagram. With about 1.5 million followers he has developed quite the online presence.

Thakur not only has had an excellent career in bodybuilding, but he has also made many appearances in Indian film and TV shows. That being said, it’s easy to see why Thakur has become a bit of a celebrity.

On his Instagram account, you can expect to find pictures and videos from Thakur’s personal life as well as plenty of gym-related content. Through pictures of everyday workouts and gym selfies, you can definitely refer to this account as a source of motivation.

2. Suhas Khamkar


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Known for his impressive bodybuilding career, Suhas Khamkar (@suhaskhamkar) is another Indian bodybuilder that has developed a real presence on Instagram. Suhas has competed in the Mr. Asia, Mr. India, Mr Olympia, Mr. World, and other elite bodybuilding competitions.

Aside from updates on his personal life, on Suhas Instagram, you can find plenty of actionable bodybuilding tips that you can implement right into your very own workouts. You can also find him on YouTube where you can get more in-depth bodybuilding tips and tricks to take your game to the next level.

3. Wasim Khan


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As he mentions in this Instagram account, Wasim Khan (@wasimkhanofficial) is a 3 time World Champion, and IFBB Amateur Olympia bodybuilder.

As you can probably imagine, most of the time Wasim is posting about his life in the gym. He regularly posts clips of his workouts for his followers to learn from. That being said if you are looking for some guidance for taking your workouts to the next level, Wasim is an excellent resource to follow.

Of course, Wasim also regularly posts about his life outside of the gym as he attends various bodybuilding events and competitions.

4. Ranjeet Singh Ricky


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Ranjeet Singh Ricky (@ranjeet_singh_rick) is a great Indian bodybuilder to follow for regular motivational posts and workout content.

Ranjeet is known to be as much of a lifestyle influencer as he is a bodybuilder. That being said, you can expect to find plenty of content around Ranjeets activities outside the gym such as traveling or spending time with his family. Ranjeet also often posts on his story as he attends events, showings, and other daily activities, keeping his followers engaged with regular content.

5. Sangram Chougule


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Sangram Chougule (@sangram_chougule_official) is an incredibly highly regarded figure in the Indian fitness community. Not only is he an active bodybuilder but he also owns his own gym which he often refers to on his Instagram account.

This bodybuilder is particularly well known for his YouTube channel as well. With over 260,000 subscribers, Sangram has amassed quite the following. On his YouTube channel, he regularly posts motivational content as well as training videos with other well-respected bodybuilders from around the world to educate his audience with actionable tips. Needless to say, Sangram has quite the online presence and by regularly checking out his content, you can improve your gym IQ and improve your training habits in no time.

6. Rejandran Mani


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Rajandran Mani (@rajandran_mani_official) is certainly one of the most accomplished Indian bodybuilders you will come across. Referred to as “Indian Hulk”, Mani is a 4 time Mr. World Champion, a 3 time Mr. Asia Champion, a 14 time Mr. India competitor, and a 12 time Mr. Services Champion.

As someone who has had many years of experience in the bodybuilding industry, Rajandran enjoys coaching various up-and-coming bodybuilders. He regularly posts about his student’s transformations as well as some of the tips and tricks he recommends to anyone trying to take their fitness game to the next level. Needless to say, Rajandran is certainly a reputable source that you can learn from no matter your level of experience.

7. Rajesh Yadev


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Rajesh Yadev’s Instagram handle is “@shredded_rajesh” for good reason. This bodybuilder is known for his incredibly low body fat year-round. He is known to have one of the most aesthetic physiques in India.

If you are looking for a bodybuilding account to follow for regular training videos, this account is an excellent choice. Rajesh certainly isn’t afraid to show his fans what it takes to be a bodybuilding champion by documenting videos of his lifts on his Instagram. By simply studying his lifting videos, you can learn a lot about how to perfect your lifting form in order to put on more muscle. 

8. Bhuwan Chauhan


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Bhuwan Chauhan (@bhuwan_ifbbpro) is an Indian bodybuilder that certainly has a unique background. Born in India, he came to Canada in 2011 for his engineering undergraduate studies. In that time, he continued to develop his passion for bodybuilding and once he started competing, he eventually became a Canadian Men’s Physique IFBB Pro. In fact, Bhuwan became the first IFBB Pro of Indian nationality.

Today Bhawan still trains intensively and often posts clips of his workouts on Instagram. Not only that, but given his reputation in the bodybuilding industry and wealth of knowledge on the subject, Bhuwan has started coaching select clients as well.

9. Yatinder Singh


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Yatinder Singh (@yatindersingh_official) is another extremely accomplished bodybuilder who regularly posts on his Instagram. Being Mr. World 2015, and Mr. Asia 2018, it’s no secret that Yatinder is one of the greatest Indian bodybuilders of all time.

Yatinder regularly posts videos of him at the gym, training as usual. Like many other Indian fitness influencers, Yatinder has also created a popular YouTube channel to expand his online presence. His YouTube channel is known for its highly informative content regarding effective lifting techniques as well as diet. The educational approach he takes to producing content makes him an excellent resource to learn from.

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