9 HIIT Workouts by Instagram Fitness Trainers You Can Try Today

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High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT has become extremely popular over the years, and for good reason too. 

HIIT workouts require maximum effort in short bursts of time to maximize the effectiveness of the workout. This method of exercise allows you to burn more fat without spending all day at the gym. 

HIIT sessions don’t typically last more than 20 minutes, allowing for the busiest of people to make enough time in their schedules to exercise. However, while these workouts are much shorter than standard workouts, they aren’t any less challenging. Better yet, you can do most HIIT workouts with bodyweight alone meaning that you can do these workouts at home if you so wish. 

If you are interested in incorporating some HIIT workouts in your gym routine, look no further for inspiration than Instagram.

Instagram has proven to be a great resource for fitness trainers to share their HIIT workouts with viewers. You can find hundreds of videos posted by personal trainers of the exact HIIT workout they use to stay in shape and recommend to clients. 

Here you can find #amazing HIIT workouts brought to you by Instagram fitness trainers that you can try today!

From @realrubaali 


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Ruba Ali claims that this is one of the hardest circuits she’s done to date. That’s saying a lot given that she is known for extremely high-intensity workouts!

Ruba bikes for the first part of the circuit, then jumps rope, then does a kettlebell flow, then a crunch to a jump flow, then a side to side jump. She recommends doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then resting 60 seconds after the entire routine is over. The whole routine should be repeated 4 times.

Ali may make it look easy, but she notes that you should definitely “feel the burn”. She is a great example of perfect form and posture throughout the workout. 

From @lean.justine


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Justine Van Drunen shares her fitness journey on Instagram to educate and inspire her followers to become better versions of themselves. She has lost 141 pounds in 15 months and promotes health and body positivity with her posts.

She is a huge proponent of HIIT; this video shows her full body plate workout. The added weights make an already challenging sequence even harder.

There are ten exercises involved (Side to side taps, squat and press, overhead lunges, squats, curtsy, jump squats, quick feet, skater squats, deadlifts, lunge curls) with 10 seconds of rest for every 30 seconds of work.

She completes this circuit three times with 11lb, 25lb and 45lb plates.

From @london_fitness_guy


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James Stirling, who goes by “London Fitness Guy” shares his rigorous workouts online that feature Tabata. Tabata is a version of HIIT that lasts four minutes and is believed to burn more calories. 

This full-body workout calls for six sets of one hand burpees, knee to squats, floor thrusters, jump squats, cossack squats, commando planks, and v-sit crunches. For every 20 seconds of work, Stirling suggests 10 seconds of rest.

This routine is strictly bodyweight exercises that are mainly focusing on working abs and legs. It is moderately challenging and requires a bit of endurance.

From @oliviaostrom_


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Olivia Ostrom is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy in this post but as you can tell, that doesn’t stop her from working out. She does say that weight and intensity should be modified for safety reasons, but has challenging circuits can be for pregnant and non-pregnant people alike.

This HIIT video allots 30 seconds per workout with a 30 second rest in between each exercise. Ostrom does three or four rounds of jumping lunges, plank jacks, burpees, 180-degree squats, and plank toe taps. 

This video is from before Ostrom became pregnant and is an incredibly challenging set. This is a routine that one should work up to. Many commenters also expressed that this set is difficult and requires a lot of athleticism. 

From @thedesalifestyle


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Abhish Desai is a fitness trainer who appeals to any level of athlete. His content is ranked in difficulty and varies from post to post. This is a great page for anyone who does not know where to start. 

What’s different about the workout videos Desai produces is that he incorporates a yoga-like flow of motion into his workout routines.

This video is described as a beginner workout, containing kick sits with a bridge, push-ups into child’s pose, ice skaters and reverse lunges with high knees.

Desai advises doing 5 rounds for each exercise. Thirty seconds on and 30 seconds off.

From @briannamariefitness


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Brianna Marie encourages women to engage in exercise for health instead of fitting societal standards of body proportions. She shares her own HIIT videos that also follow the 4 minute Tabata style. 

Her routine consists of four reps of body cleans⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣, plank-ups⁣⁣, kneel to squat jump⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣, mountain climbers + elbow push-ups. ⁣⁣⁣⁣After ⁣⁣⁣20 seconds of each exercise, rest for 10 seconds and take a few minutes after each set to recover. 

From @thebodycoach

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Joe Wicks is a personal trainer with the book series Lean in 15 to aid both diet and exercise plans. He has taken to social media and uses the HIIT method in the majority of his routines. 

This video has a set of frog jumps, mountain climbers, burpees and high knees with arms. He does 30 seconds for each exercise and allows the same amount of time for rest. This circuit gets repeated about 4 times.

This video features a moderately challenging workout for the whole body but does not add any moves that are too difficult for the average person. 

From @cindyyufitness


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Cindy Yu’s Instagram page is not entirely dedicated to HIIT workouts, but the ones she does post about are worth searching for. She labels all her videos in order to help viewers find what they are searching for.

Yu’s cardio workout is all about the legs with squat knee drives, surrender squat jumps, donkey kick jumps, duck walks and alternating front lunge jumps. 

She makes an intense difficult workout even more challenging by having only 10 seconds breaks in between every 20 seconds work period.

From @julia_terpak


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Julia Terpak’s workout plans are well thought out. What’s interesting about this workout is that Terpak combines high-intensity moves with low-intensity moves. She explains that the variety will shock your body in a positive way.  

She does four rounds of rotational drop jump squats, plank hip dips, drop jump lunge, double plank marches and explosive jump squat. For every 30 seconds of work, Terpak takes another 30 seconds to rest.

Viewers had positive feedback about this routine – specifically the mix of HIIT with low-intensity moves.  

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