5 Funniest Fitness Instagram Accounts

Instagram is an excellent place to learn from experienced fitness professionals. There are hundreds of great accounts that regularly put out content with actionable tips on diet and lifting technique.

On the other hand, Instagram of course is an excellent place for entertainment. Although most bodybuilders, models, and influencers take themselves pretty seriously, there are a few out there who enjoy making funny posts and videos. They have been able to amass a following through their comedy.

You probably won’t learn all too much by following these accounts. However, if you are looking for a good laugh, check out these top 5 funniest fitness Instagram accounts.



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A post shared by Jon Call (@jujimufu) on

Jon Call, better known as Jujimufu is a seasoned weight lifter and a bit of a comedian.

Jujimufu, first became Instagram famous when he shot a video of himself doing a split between two chairs with a heavy barbell on his back. The video went completely viral and since then, Jujimufu has been able to make a bit of career for himself performing similar wild and frankly quite impressive stunts.

This fitness icon primarily does weight lifting for strength training and muscle building purposes today. He is known to focus his workouts around heavy compound lifts such as squatting and deadlifting. However, Jujimufu doesn’t just have weight lifting experience. In the past, he has had extensive experience in Taekwondo as well as “tricking” which is various routines of flips, kicks, and twists.

Today Jufimufu regularly posts on his Instagram account pictures and videos of himself doing either extraordinary feats of athleticism and fitness niche humor.

You can also check out his YouTube channel for more content. On his YouTube channel, Jujimufu goes beyond putting out comedic videos for mental entertainment for his viewers. Given that Jujimufu undeniably is a skilled and experienced powerlifter and bodybuilder, he does have some valuable tips you can learn from. 1



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A post shared by blessing #theboogieman awodibu (@blessing_awodibu) on

Blessing Awodibu, AKA “the Boogieman” has been deemed to be one of the most expressive bodybuilders due to his hilarious gym skits.

This bodybuilder constantly is making videos that showcase his charismatic personality and entertaining sense of humor. He often features other well-known bodybuilders and celebrities as well in his posts. After flipping through his Instagram for just a minute it is easy to tell that Blessing doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Don’t be fooled though. Although this guy is a bit of a jokester he has already had an incredibly successful bodybuilding career. Given that he is a 2 time Arnold Champion and an IFBB Pro, Blessing clearly isn’t just a comedic internet personality, but a decorated athlete that takes the sport of bodybuilding seriously. It’s a breath of fresh air to see such a successful bodybuilder with a lighthearted side to him.

Today Blessing continues to regularly post on his Instagram as well as his YouTube channel. Although he does provide some great advice given his lifting experience, much of his content is for entertainment.



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A post shared by Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn) on

Bradley Martyn is one of the most popular internet personalities in the Instagram bodybuilding scene partly because of his hilarious content. He currently has over 3 million followers.

This bodybuilder found a passion for fitness at a young age. He started training for competitions on the amateur circuit for men’s physique. All the while he was working with clients in the early days of his personal training career. However, his bodybuilding and personal training careers were being conducted on a small scale for the most part until he created his YouTube channel to reach a larger audience. With his charismatic personality and genuinely helpful diet and training videos, Bradley began to amass a massive following and the rest is history. Today he is the owner of the Zoo Culture gym, he has his own clothing brand and even his own podcast.2

Bradley posts plenty of hilarious gym skits on his Instagram account as well as his YouTube channel. He also has plenty of videos of himself or other internet celebrities doing outlandish gym stunts that are quite entertaining as well. Even the videos that he creates for educational purposes are sometimes humorous given his comedic personality.



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A post shared by Dom Mazzetti (@dommazzetti) on

Dom set out to make a name for himself as something of a comedian in the fitness industry. He rose to internet fame for creating the Bro Science YouTube channel which is deemed by some to be the most hilarious fitness-related YouTube channels out there. On this YouTube channel, Dom pokes fun at the stereotypical gym rats as well as the fitness industry today as a whole. The satirical gym humor and self-deprecating nature of Dom Mazzetti have made this YouTube channel extremely popular and beloved by the online fitness community.

Today you can catch Dom regularly posting his hilarious content on his Instagram as well as his YouTube channel. That being said, if you are looking for some educational workout content, take a pass on this Instagram account but if you are looking for a good laugh, smash that follow button.



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A post shared by Robert Frank (@robertfrank615) on

Similar to Dom Mazzetti, Robert Frank frequently posts content that pokes fun at the online fitness industry and stereotypical gym dudes.

Robert Frank rose to internet fame largely by posting “car rage” videos of him that quickly went viral. In these videos, a shirtless Robert would go off on deep-voiced, fast-talking rants about topics and somehow always ties these topics to bodybuilding by the end.

Ever since, Robert has continued to post hilarious videos on his Instagram and YouTube channel of more of these rants, hilarious gym skits, physique updates, and more. He has even started his own podcast as well. Needless to say, Robert has created his own little career revolving around fitness comedy.

However, although most of Robert’s videos are ridiculous and his content is mainly for kicks and gigs, some of his videos are strangely motivational. On his website, Roberts’s bio states that “His in your face approach has motivated people around the world to train hard and make health and fitness a priority”.


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