11 Canadian Bodybuilders to Follow on Instagram

Canada is known for a few things: moose, hockey, and… well developed bodybuilders. One look at any of these Canadian bodybuilders and you might think that maple syrup has some muscle building qualities.

Every year the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) sees the best of what Canada’s bodybuilding community has to offer. Yet, only until recently have people been able to learn what goes on behind the scenes as these bodybuilders prepare for competitions through the use of social media. 

The social media fitness community is a quick and easy way for bodybuilders as well as fans of the sport to see the everyday lives of their favorite professionals right at their fingertips. Instagram, in particular, is a popular platform professional bodybuilders use to reach their audience. 

Here you can find 11 must-follow Instagram accounts of some of the best Canadian bodybuilders today. 

Frank “Wrath” McGrath


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The dedication that Frank McGrath has shown in his bodybuilding career has made him one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world. His feed is filled with shots of his signature biceps and other muscles of mind-boggling proportions. 

Since his professional career launched in 2003, Frank has suffered two separate injuries but has managed to bounce back from both of them and continue competing in the IFBB. 1

Frank is a must follow if you’re looking for some actionable bodybuilding advice, and a bit of entertainment as well. 

Samuel Dixon


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Bodybuilder-turned-fitness trainer Samuel Dixon keeps his followers on their toes with detailed story highlights and plenty of motivational content. At merely 18 years old, Samuel’s fascination with weight-lifting began and he hasn’t looked back since.

Samuel’s knowledge in human kinetics goes beyond that most bodybuilders: he earned a degree in the field to expand his ability to help others work towards the same goals he had. While he put competing on hold, Samuel’s personal training career took off. 

Ben “Pak-Man” Pakulski


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Self-proclaimed “bodybuilding yogi” Ben Pakulski fills his Instagram with workout videos, positive messages, and #foodpics. 

Ben claims that as a teenager he took one look at Nasser El-Sonbaty on a FLEX Magazine cover and told himself he never wanted to get as big as this massive bodybuilder. Ironically, somewhere down the line, Ben ended up becoming just as developed and eventually earned a spot on the cover of FLEX magazine himself. 2

Here we have yet another university graduate who used his education to help him work harder and train smarter towards something he has always loved to do. His Muscle Intelligence podcast is a must listen to learn about all things “muscle science” and how to get yourself in the right mindset to smash your goals.

Check out Ben’s IGTV for a ton of content on all things mind and body for bodybuilders!

Eleonora Dobrinina


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IFBB Pro Eleanora Dobrinina has a pretty inspiring story. She emigrated to Canada from Russia early in her fitness career and she struggled making ends meet working multiple jobs. and her lack of English made the move particularly difficult for her.

Eleanora later became pregnant and as a result of her changing hormones, she started eating nonstop and ballooned up to about 220 pounds. After she gave birth her weight and eating habits didn’t change all that much.

Unhappy with her shape, Eleonora became laser-focused on getting into the best shape of her life. After dedicating to a fit lifestyle, she slimmed down soon she started dominating bodybuilding competitions.3

Zane Watson


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IFBB athlete Zane Watson was practically bred to be an amazing bodybuilder given that his family was so heavily involved in the sport. Although both of his parents were bodybuilders when he was growing up, his father wasn’t always the role model he needed him to be.

Zane says his father battled with drug addiction for a long time. Ultimately this behavior influenced Zane to start down the same path towards drug use that his father had. Being arrested at 19 was the wake-up call that Zane needed.4

Zane’s Instagram shows off that physique that he has worked to achieve since overcoming his family struggles and securing his pro card in 2012. From workout suggestions to competition throwbacks, Zane’s got it all in his feed.

Antoine Vaillant


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At just 25, the longtime fitness fiend Antoine Vaillant went pro and since then has used various social media platforms to promote himself.

His obsession with weight-lifting began at 13 years old and over time he’s worked towards accomplishing the physique of his dreams. 

However, Antoine certainly had many challenges in his personal life before emerging as one of the greatest bodybuilders Canada has ever seen. In his teenage years, Antoine started experimenting with recreational drugs and eventually developed a drug addiction. After battling his drug addiction he came out the other side more determined and motivated than ever to hit his bodybuilding goals, and he hasn’t looked back since.5

Lauren Martin Stow


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Lauren Martin Stow is another inspiring female bodybuilder worth a follow on Instagram.

As a young athlete, Lauren started lifting to step out of her comfort zone. Before long she discovered she had a real passion for bodybuilding and claims that the sport has taught her the values of dedication, and intensity. According to Lauren the traits she has developed through bodybuilding have transcended into all aspects of her life, inside the gym and out.

Today on Instagram, Lauren regularly posts her modeling pictures as well as videos of her training in the gym. By studying her technique, you to can learn how to take your fitness game to the next level.6

Regan Grimes


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Regan Grimes is one of the most impressive bodybuilders from Canada.

In his teenage years, Regan started lifting weights and since he got hooked on the sport, he hasn’t looked back since. Not too long after he started bodybuilding he started regularly competing.

On Regan’s Instagram, you can find excellent quality videos showcasing Regan’s training. He also has an extremely popular Youtube channel where he posts videos documenting him in his everyday life to give his viewers a taste of what it’s like to live like a professional bodybuilder. Given Regan’s transparency about his specific training and eating habits, you can learn a ton just by following him on Instagram and YouTube.

Chris Bumstead


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Inspired by the icons of golden age bodybuilding, Chris started training as a classic physique bodybuilder. Having placed in the top three of the men’s classic physique division of the Mr. Olympia competition three times in a row Chris is one of Canada’s most accomplished bodybuilders today.7

On his Instagram, you can track Chris’s progress as he prepares for his next competitions and even peek into his personal life outside of bodybuilding as well. Chris also has a popular YouTube channel where he walks his audience through some of the strategies he uses for his competitions.

Devin Bernardo


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Devin Bernardo has become extremely popular on Instagram due to his impressive physique, his training videos, and his often comical content.

You can learn a ton from Devin’s Instagram given that he doesn’t shy away from frequently posting videos of his workouts and sharing his training techniques.

Devin is well known to have won the Natural Mr. Canada Junior Bodybuilding Championship. This title supports Devin’s claims that he is a 100% natural bodybuilder who doesn’t depend on steroids to produce his results.  Although many suspect that Devin is in fact not a natural athlete given his incredibly impressive figure, to this day Devin claims that he has achieved his physique without the use of anabolic substances.

Jeff Nippard


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Jeff Nippard is one of Canada’s most well-known bodybuilders today.

As stated on his website, in 2012 Jeff earned the title of Mr. Junior Canada for natural bodybuilding. Jeff is also is a seasoned powerlifter as well, claiming to have a 503 Lb squat, a 518 Lb deadlift and a 336 Lb bench press.

Jeff is known for his highly informative content on his Instagram and YouTube channel. With his education in fitness and nutrition, Jeff takes a very scientific approach in explaining his training methods to his followers. Much of the fitness training and diet advice he gives, he supports with research. That being said, Jeff is certainly a reputable source to learn from.8


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