Best Instagram Accounts for Workout Videos (for guys and girls)

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Although Instagram is great for keeping up with the personal lives of your friends, it is also excellent for getting workout ideas. There are tons of workout videos that you can benefit from.

Among the thousands of fitness Instagram accounts, only a select few primarily post high-quality videos of their workouts. These posts typically have back to back videos demonstrating each exercise in the workout and they often give pointers on how many sets and reps should be done for each exercise. By studying these videos you learn how to improve your form and of course, you can even try these workouts for yourself.

Most other fitness Instagrammers post pictures of them hanging out in their everyday lives, which can certainly be entertaining and even inspiring, but these posts might not necessarily be as informational. 

In this post, you can discover the best workout Instagram accounts for taking your fitness game to the next level.

Workout Instagram accounts FOR GUYS

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Nyle Nayga is an IFBB Pro Men’s physique athlete. Although he posts about his personal life from time to time, he often posts workout videos accompanied by lengthy captions that break down each workout in fine detail. Nyle certainly doesn’t hold back explaining the science and theory behind the way he trains and how his methods can help his followers as well.


This is the second account of fitness coach, Lukas Duncan that features training videos almost entirely. Lukas frequently posts workout videos for every part of the body. In addition, he also posts right vs. wrong style videos where he demonstrates how certain exercises are performed wrong followed by demonstrations of the proper lifting technique.


Cameron Everett regularly posts his workouts and isn’t afraid to mix things up. By constantly incorporating new variations into his workouts, he keeps his content interesting for his audience. Not only that but he regularly interacts with his followers by responding to any questions they might have in the comments of his posts.


Bryan Renshaw is a huge advocate for lifting in a controlled manner in order to avoid injury. In all of his workout videos, Bryan demonstrates how you can build quality muscle by not necessarily lifting a ton of weight but instead really trying to feel the contraction. If you are looking for an example of a bodybuilder who practices outstanding form in all his videos, Bryan is your guy.


Richard has developed an impressive physique considering his young age. On his Instagram, you can find simple yet effective workouts that are easy to follow. In his posts, Richard often comments on the focus of each workout and why he likes certain exercises over others.


Marino Katsouris regularly posts weight lifting workouts… however, he isn’t afraid to mix up his workouts with other types of training. For instance, Marino has posted about bodyweight home workouts, dynamic warmups, and cardio circuit workouts. Although heavy weight lifting is the bread and butter of bodybuilders, it’s nice to see a little variation.


This is fitness coach Christian Fleenor’s second account, dedicated exclusively to his workout videos. Christian regularly posts workouts that most often involve fundamental muscle-building exercises. That being said, Christian doesn’t often do anything too fancy, but instead, he likes to stick to basic movements that are effective for getting results.


Lubomba Munkuli was always an active teen that was big into sports. However, in his teenage years, he considered himself to most certainly be the skinny kid of every sports team. When he stumbled across bodybuilding, Lubomba became enamored with the sport and started pursuing weight lifting as a way to develop the physique he wanted. On his Instagram, you can follow exactly what he does at the gym to reach his goal physique.


Brian DeCosta has built a large following on Instagram simply from his workout videos alone. According to Brian has had a very unique rise to fame as a fitness celebrity. Brian first became an accountant right after college before taking a leap of faith and pursuing his interest in fitness full time. Today he helps thousands transform their physiques as a fitness coach.1


Chris Clark really started to get into weight training in college. Eventually, in his later college years, he started his own fitness Instagram and within a relatively short amount of time his account amassed thousands of followers. Today Chris regularly posts his workouts for his followers to follow as well as motivation and nutrition tips.


Uzoma Obilor rose to internet fame as he continued to compete in IFBB competitions. Before long he became a bodybuilding sensation. Today Uzoma regularly posts intense workout videos and after watching a few, you can tell he never shies away from upping the weight hes working with. He also likes to do a bit of breakdancing which he shares with his audience as well.


Known for wearing flannels when he lifts, Joe Andrews likes to get creative at the gym. His workouts really show that he constantly likes to mix things up and introduce new exercise variations into his workouts. This variation in his workout is, of course, one of the reasons why his followers appreciate his videos so much.


Ryan Spiteri’s workout is often unique for a few different reasons. For one, he often posts about workouts involving very specific muscle groups. For instance, he might post a full workout targeting just the rear delts or the inner part of the biceps. He also posts full workouts involving just one piece of equipment like a barbell or cable machine. Trying these workouts is perfect if you go to a busy gym where you are less able to bounce from machine to machine easily.

@Nathan McCallum

Known for his everchanging facial hair, and heavy metal rock music to accompany his workout videos, Nathan is certainly a unique Instagram fitness influencer. He regularly posts extremely effective muscle building workouts, but aside from that, the videos and pictures of his travels and outside interests make his account quite entertaining.

Workout Instagram accounts FOR GIRLS


Ashleigh Jordan’s account is unique in that she almost only posts workout videos on her Instagram. On her account, Jordan likes to post a mix of weight lifting workouts as well as many bodyweight workouts that you can easily do at home. Many of her workouts are also designed to target very specific areas of the body such as the lower abs or inner thighs so you can pick and choose to try her workouts depending on which specific parts of the body you want to focus on.


If you are a student trying to step up your fitness game, this account might be perfect for you. Katrina Wright creates content for college and grad students who want to improve their lives through fitness. In high school Katrina developed a few health problems which ultimately lead her to start focusing on eating healthy recipes. Soon after, she started college clean eating to share those food tips. She now regularly posts about food and of course plenty of workout videos for you to follow.


If you are looking for some no-nonsense, often challenging workouts, Brittany Perilleee is your girl. She regularly posts workout videos that often involve weight lifting as her goal is to continue a toned and well-built body. That being said, if you have similar fitness goals, this account is certainly worth a follow.


Hannah Oberg believes that living a healthy lifestyle should be fun and enjoyable. She offers many paid programs that are tailored to your fitness goals, however, you can find many of her workout videos for free on her Instagram page.


Amanda Bisk’s career as a professional pole vaulter started to wind down in 2011 when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Her dreams to compete as an Olympian were shattered, however in the time she started to recover, she began to learn everything she could about healthy eating and slowly she began to lightly exercise to get herself back on her feet. Today she regularly posts yoga workouts, bodyweight workouts and weight lifting workouts for her followers to benefit from.2


Iulia Danilova regularly posts weight lifting workouts for those who want to firm up and get stronger. Many of her workouts are quite intense, however, she posts workouts for all weight lifting skill levels. Iulia is also the owner of Fit Makeup and Upppergear.


Krissy Cela regularly posts workout videos for every part of the body and isn’t afraid to share her tips and tricks on lifting technique. As you can tell from her videos, Krissy likes to mix things up by incorporating a variety of different exercises in her workouts. You’re always in for something new by following Krissy’s methods.


Natacha Ocean is known for her extremely high-intensity workouts. Of course, given that she is big into Ironman races it makes perfect sense why her workouts are so high energy. Natasha likes to incorporate some weight training in her workouts but many of her workouts are certainly cardio heavy. If you’re ready to push yourself a little, this account is a must follow.


As you can tell from her posts, Tany Poppett is big on bodyweight workouts. That being said, if you are interested in workouts that involve minimal equipment, that you can even do at home, this is a good account to follow.


If you are serious about building some quality muscle, I would certainly recommend following this account. As you can tell from her workout videos, this woman is serious about heavy weight lifting and it certainly shows. Mackenzie went from being slightly on the heavier side in 2013 to dropping 60 pounds after making a few mistakes cutting calories. Needless to say, after years of training she has brought her weight up to where she wants it to be and has learned a ton about fitness and nutrition along the way.


Lisa Lanceford is another great weight lifting based fitness account to follow. Although Lisa regularly lifts now, she wasn’t always big into weight lifting. She claims that in years past she really stuck to spin classes and general fitness classes but it wasn’t until she started weight lifting that she started to really developed the physique she wanted and improved her self esteem as well.


Alexia Clark is a certified personal trainer that regularly posts her workouts for her followers to use for themselves. She claims that her favorite thing about being a personal trainer is changing the lives of the people she works with not only physically but emotionally as well. Seeing people become more optimistic and energetic makes her work that much more enjoyable.3


Linn Lowes has a pretty inspirational story. She was diagnosed with cancer, and fortunately, she beat it but by the time she did she had become frail and weak. Soon she got into weight lifting and now she is stronger and more motivated than ever. She often posts her workouts on Instagram and isn’t afraid to go into detail on how to keep good form and technique as you lift.4


Charlee Atkins is a personal trainer that posts about weight lifting workouts, bodyweight workouts, stretches, yoga, and more. She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a certified functional strength coach, and a functional range conditioning mobility specialist making her undoubtedly qualified to give fitness advice.


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