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It is without question that Andrei Deiu one of the most popular fitness models and bodybuilders today.

I first came across Andrei when I came across a YouTube video of him training with bodybuilding coach, Hanny Rambod. Watching that video, I was impressed by Andrei’s physique but also his no-funny-business, high-intensity training style.

Sometime later, I stumbled across Andrei’s Instagram and bought one of his programs that he linked to in his bio. Given that it was priced reasonably (compared to many other programs) and that I consider Andrei to be an accomplished bodybuilder, I thought I would go ahead and give it a go. Needless to say, the program wasn’t quite what I was expecting… but I will explain what I mean in a bit.

Regardless, I wanted to take a minute to review Andrei’s plan, “The Ultimate Mass Workout” as well as the Aflete app. Here you can discover exactly what you can expect by investing in one of Andrei’s programs.

About me and why I bought one of Andrei Deiu’s programs

Hi there.

My name is Ethan and I have been big into bodybuilding for about four years now. However, when I first started, I had trouble making progress. I didn’t know about proper nutrition or training methods to build muscle effectively. Over the past few years, I probably made every single mistake you could imagine but I have learned a ton along the way, mainly by learning from professionals.

Andrei first piqued my interest when I saw a video of him training, as I mentioned before. Although I was interested in potentially learning a thing or two from Andrei, the main reason why I purchased one of his programs (Ultimate Mass Workout) was so that I could review it and share my thoughts.

Simply put, I have found that there are dozens of extremely popular fitness influencers on Instagram that sell programs, however there aren’t too many people online verifying these programs or providing feedback on these programs. As a result, its really hard for people that are interested in these programs to tell if they are really worth the money or if these fitness influencers are trustworthy.

That being said, I took it upon myself to review some of these programs and to share whether or not I think they are worth the money. In doing so, I hope that my readers can benefit from the feedback I provide on these programs so they can make a more informed decision on whether or not to buy these programs. 

Who is Andrei Deiu

Andrei started bodybuilding in his late teens after years of what he claims was a pretty inactive lifestyle. At age 17 he competed in his first bodybuilding competition, and after a few years of training later, he became an IFBB Pro bodybuilder. In addition, he has had a very successful modeling career and has roughly 3 million Instagram followers making him an extremely popular bodybuilders on social media.1

Overview of Andrei’s “Ultimate Mass Workout” and the Aflete app

As Andrei states, the workouts provided in the program are designed for bulking. Two workouts are provided per body part (chest, back, shoulder, arms, legs).

The first workout for each body part is a more volume heavy workout. In other words, the sets in these workouts typically have more sets and thus more reps and are designed to really get a nice “pump” going at the gym for the target muscle group.

The second workout for each part body part of the program is designed for intensity rather than volume. However, I wouldn’t say that the reps per each set are any lower than the volume workout. The main difference is that there seems to be more variation in how the sets should be performed. For instance, there seem to be more drop sets, super sets or AMRAP (as many reps as possible) sets in these workouts.

As for the format of the program, the Aflete app had many notable features that complemented Andrei’s program.

For one, there is a time indicated on each workout to tell you how long it should take to complete. Once you press “start workout”, the timer will begin. You can use this timer to really gauge how much time you should take resting between exercises.

For each set, you can record the weight you used for the indicated number of reps. This way, you can keep track of your progress week after week. You also have the option to add notes to each set for reference in the details section.

Lastly, you can find videos of Andrei’s exercises if you want to study his technique for reference.

My experience with the program: What I liked and what I didn’t like

There are a few things that I liked about the program, but if I am being honest there are definitely some things I wish were different in the program as well.

We’ll start with the positives first…

First of all, I thought the workouts are great quality. I tried out the workouts myself and I have to say that I have no doubt that when done properly, they will give you a run for your money. The super sets and the drop sets, in particular, are incredibly intense. I have no doubt that if you put in the work you and repeat these workouts a few times over, you will see results as long as your recovery is good.

The second thing that I really liked about Andrei’s program is the fact you access it through Aflete. Full disclosure, I don’t really use workout apps all that much but I can certainly see how beneficial this app can be. To be able to track your progress so easily through this app can really help you make sure that you are gradually challenging yourself. For instance, by perhaps using more weight for a certain set that you recorded last week, or by doing more reps on a set than you recorded last week, you can ensure that you continue to challenge yourself and (hopefully) gain muscle along the way. Because I know how important measuring your progress is, I am considering using an app such as Aflete to record my progress regularly.

Now for the negatives…

Perhaps my biggest problem with the program is that although the workouts are great, there is no indication of the recommended order of the workouts and when you should take rest days. Now, I have been going to the gym regularly for some time now so I know it would make sense to do perhaps the volume workouts for each body part the first week, two to three lifting days to one day off at a time, and then do the same thing for the intense workouts the next week. However, for someone who doesn’t regularly work out, I can imagine that person would be a bit confused about how to go about the program. 

Secondly, although Andrei claims that there are videos for the exercises, there are only SOME videos for the exercises. There are plenty of exercises listed where there simply is not an accompanying demo video. This isn’t a huge deal for me because I already know how to do each of the exercises pretty well but anyone who isn’t familiar with these exercises, videos for all the exercises would certainly be beneficial.

Final words: would I recommend it?

If I am being real I would say that the program is good, not great. It’s nothing to write home about.

In my opinion, I don’t think it is worth spending money on considering that there are hundreds of similar workout splits that you can find online for free that are just as effective.


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