7 Affordable Gymshark Alternatives That Look Just as Stylin’

The fitness apparel brand, Gymshark, has exploded in popularity as it primarily uses Instagram to promote its products through today’s biggest fitness influencers. 

The clothing is of great quality, however, it’s no secret that Gymshark isn’t cheap. Not everyone has the means to spend $60 on a pair of leggings – that bites! And while Gymshark may look sharp, there are so many other brands that offer you the same quality and the same styles for fractions of what Gymshark costs.

That being said, if you’re hungry for some good deals for fitness fashion that makes you feel as confident as you can be, you’re in the right place. 

Here you can find 7 affordable (and stylish) Gymshark alternatives that you can try instead of draining your bank account to look good at the gym.

90 Degree by Reflex

A personal favorite of mine is the leggings from 90 Degree by Reflex. With prices of almost half that of Gymsharks for most products, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

The workout gear from 90 Degree has something for everyone. Women, men and children alike will all find something for them.

90 Degree focuses on producing gear that can keep up with your daily lifestyle be it at lunch with your friends or at the gym. They offer a top-ranked legging on Amazon (which is just one of the places the 90 Degree products can be found). Check your local Marshalls or TJMaxx to see if they have any in stock to get super marked down versions of their leggings!

C9 Champion (Target)

(Gym)sharks are no match for Bullseye the Target Dog! The beloved mascot represents one of the best places to find affordable and quality fitness gear. C9 Champion is Target’s workout clothing line the price is tough to beat.

For high fashion workout clothes at a low price, you can’t go wrong with C9 Champion. Leggings average around $30 and the options are amazing. Whether you’re looking for a few basic colors or a new floral design to show off at your next yoga class, Target is there for you!

What I love about C9 Champion that you can’t get with Gymshark is the sheer amount of clothing items you can buy. Sure you can shop online but go on down to your local Target and you’ll find different so many options that you wouldn’t see online PLUS a fitting room to make sure you love the way you look before you buy. This eliminates the hassle that is making online-returns and the stress of buying things that might not fit how you want! 

Good ol’ fashion Target is a great place to find the gear to take your workout to the next level.


Fabletics may seem like just another fitness brand that wants your monthly subscription, but they actually make it so easy and affordable to shop how you want. Sure, you can buy straight from their website but here’s the best way to do Fabletics (which you can also find on their website).

Sign up for free to be a VIP Member for Fabletics and each month they’ll personalize outfits just for you! By the 5th of each month, you can either buy something (like their notorious 2 for $24 leggings) or “skip” the month. 

As long as you do one of those actions by the 5th, you won’t be charged $49.95 so be sure to set a reminder for yourself! But if you do get a charge that’s OK because it turns into a credit on the Fabletics website for you to spend however you choose, whenever you choose. As long as your keeping up with it, this is for sure one of the best workout gear deals around.

Old Navy

This line of workout gear is another hidden gem, guarded by the creepy mannequin families modeling jeans at, you guessed it, Old Navy!

Old Navy is owned by Gap Inc. which also happens to own the fitness apparel brand Athleta. Why did I not put them on this list you may ask? Well, let’s just say it had something to do with the fact that leggings were upwards of $98. Actually, it had all to do with that fact. But it’s sister, Old Navy, has prices nowhere even close to that!

My favorite thing about Old Navy leggings, workout tops and sports bras (yes, they’re all equally fantastic) is the patterns they come in and the variety you get. So many times I have been asked if my leggings were from big-name brands and got shocked responses when I told people they were $20 at Old Navy. 

So no need to worry about giving up fashion for frugality when you make the switch from Gymshark to Old Navy. In fact, I think the Old Navy patterns are way more fun and the constantly changing styles keep your wardrobe versatile!

Aoxjox (Amazon)

This brand is the mother of all Gymshark dupes. If you look up Aoxjox on Amazon, you might think that you’re on the Gymshark website, but the real tell-tale giveaway is that everything is half. The. Price. 

I’ve searched around and found that generally, people who have ordered Aoxjox instead of Gymshark are really surprised by how identical the products are. Be it leggings to the signature crop top long sleeve, Aoxjox is here to prove that no one should have to spend upwards of $50 for quality workout clothes!


FitGal is definitely one of those brands that you might spend a little bit more money on, but it is worth it in the long run. And still, you won’t be paying Gymshark prices.

On their website FitGal claims that they “We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves” which is pretty reassuring. Since 2016, they have strived to create stylish fitness wear for an affordable price.

Although it is technically less expensive than Gymshark, FitGal is still on the pricey end. Consider saving this brand for a treat-yourself shopping spree!

Women’s Tek Gear (Kohl’s)

Kohl’s is great for literally everything. They’ve got anything you could need from household decor to men’s suits and have you ever actually used your Kohl’s Cash? It’s exhilarating. But one of the best reasons to go to Kohl’s is for fitness gear.

Sure they’ve got top brands like Nike and Under Armour, but Women’s Tek Gear is the way to go. It’s essentially the “Kohl’s brand” of workout clothing. Jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts range between $20-$40 and leggings are about the same. But with Kohls’ seemingly endless string of promotions, you’ll almost never be paying full price. 

Women’s Tek Gear is right on the ball when it comes to comfortable basics for the perfect workout wardrobe.

Author: Kate Hey, I'm Kate! I'm an aspiring journalist and I'm here to make sure you don't miss out on today's latest fitness trends